Pull Ups for a Strong and Shapely Back


Pull up movements do a great job of toning and building the muscles of the upper back and posterior shoulders. Unfortunately, many women shy away from pull up exercises either due to their level of difficulty or the belief that they are more of a “mans” exercise. Well don’t worry because you don’t need to be afraid of bulking up. Instead you will build a beautifully shaped back that looks amazing in any backless attire. So here’s some tips for starting your pull up progression:

1) Begin with the reverse grip exercise which allows the assistance of the bicep muscles and progress to the wider grip pull-up as you build strength.
2) Have a spotter assist you or use an assistance band that you can attach to the pull-up bar.
3) Keep your abs and glutes engaged for easier execution.
4) Don’t get discouraged- just keep working at your pull ups consistently and you will make progress.

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