The Importance of Proper TRX Training


Almost anyone who has been a member of a local health club or fitness studio lately has probably seen or even tried suspension training in the past few years. TRX is one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment right now and many trainers and fitness instructors utilize them for sessions or classes. The importance of proper execution however cannot be overlooked or understated, the risks can far outweigh the benefits if form is incorrect.

A New York Times article from February 2007 entitled “Suspension Training: How Risky Is It?”, addresses the issue of safety when working with TRX or other suspension apparatus. Dr. Walter Thompson, a professor of kinesiology at Georgia State is mentioned in the article. He notes that he sees the health benefits of the training, “But I see potential for muscular, skeletal and joint injuries. Particularly hyperextension of wrists, elbows, shoulders, ankles and knees.”

The article also notes that the increase in popularity of suspension training is widely due to trends within the fitness industry. They note: “Interest in suspension straps is also high because a theory called functional training has been making slow but steady inroads in the fitness business. It advocates strengthening muscles synergistically, rather than in isolation.”

As trainers who believes whole-heartedly in the benefits of functional training, we find suspension exercises to fit wonderfully into most of our client’s workouts. We do however, limit our scope to working with only 1-3 clients at a time while using the straps. Even individuals that are proficient in the exercises often need a modification or correction that could potentially keep them from incurring an injury. As is the case with any fitness protocol, form is the key to safety and effectiveness when using suspension straps. TRX is an amazing workout with many exercise variations but do seek a professional for instruction on form and strap settings.

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