Healthy Eating for Busy People


Sometimes finding 5 minutes in your busy week seems impossible. There’s work, family responsibilities, house work, phone calls to be returned, emails to contend with, and of course you’re trying to fit in healthy eating and 64 ounces of water a day. Well we have a few tips to help you eat well all week.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR SUNDAY. We all have a day off during the week and we need to keep an hour or two of it all to ourselves for food shopping and prep. Buy a bunch of veggies, cut and store them in air tight containers for the week. This makes salads, stir-fry’s and late-night snacks fool proof.
MAKE LEFTOVERS OFTEN. Soups that freeze well, nice pasta sauces and hearty dinners like a turkey loaf are easy to defrost. If you always make extra you can pack your freezer with leftovers for those evenings when you work late or just don’t have the energy to cook.
PLAN YOUR WEEK AHEAD. Know what you’re making for dinner each night that week and have the ingredients in the house. This helps to avoid having to go to the store when you’re busy during the week and takes the stress of planning a meal on the fly off your shoulders.

In a busy world we have to be prepared. So set yourself up for success by following these easy guidelines and utilize any other tricks that you may have for healthy eating on short time.

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