Balance Training for Better Fitness


Strong balance is important for all of us and is essential for performing many everyday activities. With good balance we are able to move efficiently and we’re better safeguarded against slipping, falling and tripping. For those of us that work out regularly, balance skills also help us to perform exercises and activities better and for longer durations.

In order to fully understand the importance of good balance we must first identify the two ways our bodies actively use balance. explains them as follows: “Balance is divided into two types: static balance and dynamic balance. Static balance refers to the ability to maintain the body’s center of mass within its base of support. Dynamic balance refers to the ability to move outside of the body’s base of support, while maintaining postural control.” So in essence, standing on one leg is static balance and lunging forward on one leg would be dynamic balance. Both are important skills to work into your fitness routine and you should aim to progress as you would with any other physical training.

Progressions can include the use of balance props such as Bosu Balls, Balance Disks and Balance Sliders to really challenge you and keep things interesting. Shifting weight from one leg to the other with the use of Agility Ladders and Battle Ropes can add an element of cardiovascular training to your balance exercises while Yoga poses in a vinyasa practice will work balance and bring a mind/body element to your fitness protocol.
Whatever your preference for balance training the bottom line is to stick with it. Strong balance is a powerful tool when working towards overall health and improved fitness

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