An Apple a Day


It’s apple season, time for those crisp and sweet delicious snacks that are super healthy too. With so many benefits it’s no wonder we’ve been told to eat an apple a day (well, maybe a few a week is fine). Here are some ways apples are good for you and your health.

1) NUTRITION.   High in antioxidants, fiber and vitamin c, apples are a great choice when looking for a nutritious fruit option. The fiber also helps to keep you feeling full; studies have shown that apples therefore also promote weight loss.
2) HEART HEALTH.   A  20 year study following 34,0000 women found that those who ate apples frequently had lower incidence of coronary artery and cardiovascular disease.
3) EXERCISE EXTENDER.   Apples deliver an antioxidant called quercetin, which aids endurance by making oxygen more available to the lungs. So eating one before a workout may enhance your performance.

Even if none of these amazing benefits peaks your interest in apples, the fact that they taste so good and there’s literally a variety for every palate should have you biting into one several times a week.

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