Adding Fruits and Veggies for Weight Loss


 Adding healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet is once again proving scientifically to be a great way to boost weight loss. An interesting study found that by adding 3 apples or 3 pears to test subject’s diets in addition to their regular daily caloric intake actually promoted weight loss.  Since no other calories were omitted, how is this possible? Well, the results suggest that the energy densities of fruit can reduce energy consumption and body weight over time. Therefore, the conclusion of the study is that a diet consisting mainly of lower energy density foods may help to maintain a healthy body weight.
So what is energy density? It’s defined as the amount of calories per unit weight. Fruits and vegetables are mainly low energy density foods, meaning that you get a lot of food for little calories. In fact, foods higher in fiber and water are generally found to be lower in energy density. On the other hand, foods such as bacon, cookies and cheese are considered high density foods. Pound for pound the calorie content is much higher in these high fat, high sugar foods. It’s simple math really, a pound of bacon has more calories than a pound of broccoli.Along with the benefit of weight loss, diets that focus on lower energy density foods are also healthier AND more satisfying. This is because we can consume large amounts of nutrient rich, yet calorie light foods. Large salads, green smoothies and healthy fruit cups really are the best way to maintain a healthy body weight for life.
Want more info? Follow the entire story at the link below:

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