Body Weight Training-Why you should add it to your Program

Its that time of year when we all know that all too familiar promise people make to themselves to eat healthier,
enjoy life more, go to the gym regularly or to begin an exercise program. We also know that keeping those promises
can be hard at times, especially when family life, work or stress gets in the way of our goals. The good news is that
ANY exercise, no matter how long, is ultimately better than no exercise at all and can make you feel better about yourself. Here is where bodyweight training can come in, because it can be adapted to any fitness level from a true beginner to the advanced exerciser needing an added challenge.
No equipment, no problem….since all you need is yourself and the environment around you to get a full body workout.
Now you have no more excuses not to workout since you can do it in a hotel room while traveling, outdoors in a park or while on vacation and at home when you can’t make it to the gym.
Yoga is an example of body weight training and works hand in hand with building strength and flexibility. Muscles can work through their full range of motion so that joints move freely. The strength and flexibility gains can make you move more efficiently while gaining  stability in the core muscles.

Need more reasons to consider bodyweight training? Here are a few:

  • Achieve better balance-do a single leg squat or single leg deadlift to challenge your core muscles  which contracts and keeps you in an upright position. A strong foundation means better posture and less back pain.
  • Burn fat fast-has a major impact on metabolism since body weight moves incorporate many muscles to perform the exercise, such as when going from a standing position to a squat, then down to the floor for a pushup and back up again. This kind of move requires effort which can translate to a higher calorie burn.
  • Get more done in less time-a shorter more efficient workout is possible when you combine strength moves with cardiovascular exercise. An example would be walking at a fast pace to get the heart pumping then doing walking lunges for a set amount of time, repeat the fast walk or jog then do some push ups on a park bench or perform bodyweight squats.
  • Everyone can do it-there is no best way to exercise for everyone so work at a level that best suits your current ability. Invest in the help of a personal trainer if you have no idea how to start so they can offer you safe alternatives as you gain strength. We work with many different clients and work in body weight training for them as much as we can! Contact us for more information.

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