Enjoy a Healthy Cup of Herbal Tea


If you’re not already drinking a cup or two of herbal tea each day you are missing a great opportunity to boost your health. Different teas harbor different benefits ranging from cancer prevention, heart and vascular health, immune system enhancement and may others. Of course your personal taste and desires will ultimately determine the teas you enjoy. I recommend trying several and consuming them in conjunction with your current health needs as well as season. Let’s explore some varieties to learn about their benefits and flavors.

GREEN TEA has long been the gold standard for health and many health care professionals recommend drinking one cup a day. It’s loaded with antioxidants and is believed to help prevent cancer, elevated cholesterol and blood pressure and boosts our immune system. With a slightly tart flavor it’s generally very drinkable and soothing.

LAVENDER TEA is considered a medicinal herb and is helpful with easing upper respiratory issues. It’s also beneficial to healing ulcers, cuts and sores. It’s fragrant as the leaves from the plant and often combined with peppermint for enjoyment.

DANDELION TEA is chock full of vitamins and minerals. It’s made from the leaves and flowers of the dandelion plant and has a bolder flavor.  Helpful in soothing inflammation associated with arthritis it can also improve liver function and the digestive system.

ROOIBOS TEA reduces stress and lowers the problems of insomnia. It’s a South African tea  with a refreshing taste, almost nutty but full bodied and very delicious.

Whatever your taste or health needs there are plenty of great teas to chose from. As with all foods and beverages be mindful of where the tea is sourced, how it’s grown and always follow steeping instructions for the best flavor.

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