Understanding PRE-Are You Working Hard Enough?

 As trainers, we often talk to our clients about working in the different Perceived Rate of Exertion Zones. Different from Heart Rate Zone, PRE is solely based on how hard the client feels they’re working. The benefit is that the more someone can become comfortable understanding the different zones, the better they will be about working at an appropriate level.
So what are the different PRE zones? Zones 1-4 are easier and would be expected during a leisurely walk, bike ride or gentler yoga or pilates class.
Zones 5-7 vary from moderate to difficult and would be best utilized during weight or interval training, running, cycling and other more intense workouts. These are the zones that are easily dismissed, many people don’t work within these zones when lifting weights or doing cardio. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re not sweating, you’re probably not working hard enough.
The final zones, 8-10, are reserved for those HIIT and Tabata workouts, where you work for short intervals and are struggling to catch your breath. You cannot maintain this level of intensity for more than 30-45 seconds without needing a period of recovery. It’s uncomfortable and extremely challenging.
Understanding PRE is a good way to keep yourself accountable for working hard enough and maximizing the benefits of every workout. Download the chart and work your fitness zones, no heart rate monitor needed.

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