Reinventing Your Summer Workout



Walk, run, lift, stretch, repeat……Your every day routine can become a little lackluster and hum drum if you do the same thing day in and day out. Aside from becoming bored with your routine, you eventually may stop seeing results from your efforts since your not challenging muscles in a new way. Your body is very adept at working efficiently….especially  if you are still doing the same exercises in the exact speed, order, intensity and duration that you began months ago. Instead of just going through the motions or giving up entirely, try incorporating a new activity into the mix. You may surprise yourself and begin to look forward to your workouts just by trying something new. Aside from the fitness benefits you gain from cross training, you will also help prevent injuries by working other muscles that may have been underutilized in your current routine.
Summer is a great time to relax and  enjoy the warm long days with family and friends. We  can  all admit that when the high heat and humidity hits, our motivation to move our bodies can go by the wayside. Any exercise whether conventional or non-conventional is better that none at all.
No need to be a slave to the treadmill this summer….try some of these fun alternatives when the temperatures begin to soar!
1.  Get your OM on and try sunrise or sunset yoga, when the temperatures are generally cooler
2. Bootcamp classes are a  way to experience the camaraderie of working in a group while getting a great workout. A.M. sessions are great for getting in your workout before the heat strikes.
3. Suit up and cool off with SUP (Stand Up Paddle board) Most shops that rent paddle boards also offer lessons for newbies. You won’t believe the great balance and core work you will get.
4. Head to the beach with kids and dog in tow and play frisbee or go for a walk. Great way to get the entire family moving while having fun.
5. H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) is all the rage!  Shorter duration, high intensity workouts have been shown to be more effective at weight loss than longer duration, low intensity exercise.
Studies have shown that a 20-30 min workout with high intensity blasts can keep metabolism elevated for hours after the workout is over, as well as increasing VO2 max.
Come try one of Body Wise’s Tabata Small Group Sessions, which utilizes the H.I.I.T protocol of timed work to rest ratios. 

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