Push-Up Variations You’ve Got To Try


Traditional push-ups, tricep push-ups, TRX Atomic push-ups, we love them all. But there are other variations that you should be adding to your workouts:

Eccentric Push-ups:  This is a traditional wide arm push-up but you have to go slowly, concetrating on the down release verses the press. Focusing on the easier (eccentric) phase of the exercise challenges the muscles differently.

Tricep Push-ups with Pikes:   Bring the arms in close to body, hands by the chest and complete 4 tricep push-ups then lift the hips using your core to complete 4 abdmominal pikes.

Band Push-ups:  Wrap a flat stretch band across your back and hold it as you complete your push-ups. Add more or less tension on the band as needed between sets. You can use a tube style resistance band but  the flat band is more comfortable.

Got a favorite push-up? Share yours in the comments section of this blog.

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