Single Leg Squat Progressions


Single leg squats are great for building leg strength and they also challenge your core and balance. If you have never attempted this exercise before it’s important to start off easy, otherwise you could lose form and risk injury. I recommend using a chair when first trying this exercise and then progress to a bench with risers that you can lower incrementally as your ability grows. Once you have perfected the form you can add the weight of a dumbell while using a bar for balance or you can execute the exercise on TRX straps in order to keep yourself challenged.

1) Begin in the seated position *(once you have progressed to freestanding you will start in the standing position)
2) Make sure your knee is positioned right above the ankle
3) Stand from the seated position using only the working leg , keep the other slightly lifted off the floor *(if you have progressed to standing you will sit back while still keeping your knee above the ankle)
4) Try not to lean forward, keep your torso in line with your hips

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