Don’t Sweat It-Healthy Tips to Enjoy Your Day at the Beach


Since I have lived near Cape Cod all my life and now also work here, I feel myself gravitating toward the sandy shores of local beaches.  When I’m craving a little R & R nothing is better to me than sitting at the water’s edge while I  immerse myself into my favorite book. It is very easy to talk your self into just melting into your chair or to allow yourself a treat, since it is  after all, summer.  You may have worked hard all winter to get fit or maybe 21just started to eat clean and exercise. Why not arm your self with some pre-planning and make this your healthiest summer yet? Try implementing one or more of the following tips for your next day in the sun
1. Avoid sugary drinks and infuse your water instead.  Fill an Eco Friendly, Non BPA bottle with any  combination of fruits and herbs you like and top with cold water and ice.  Try a  refreshing combo with mint leaves with lemon or lime slices or even cucumber and basil leaves.  If your looking for a great bottle I really like the one pictured above by Define Bottle.
2. On a very hot day freeze extra water and pack in the cooler to avoid dehydration. Not only will you have plenty for everyone, but it also will keep the contents of your cooler cold.
3. Pack pre-sliced veggies such as red and yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes  and baby carrots and dip in hummus or greek yogurt for a waistline friendly snack.  Juicy watermelon, grapes and cherries are also great choices since they have a higher water content and will offer some additional hydration as well as vitamins minerals and fiber.
4. Take a walk on the beach or play in the surf.  Not only will you get in some exercise but you will have fun, feel energized and less sluggish from the heat and sun.
5. Cool off your sunscreen. Before you head out the door throw your bottle into the cooler with your other beach essentials. Applying chilled sunscreen feels refreshing and also keeps it from getting drippy when exposed to the hot sun. Don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours or after swimming.
6. Drink smart.  Those high calorie sugary cocktails can really add up, especially since they go down so easily when you are parched.  Your average 10-12 oz  Pina Colada or Margarita can contain up to a whopping 500 to 560 calories each! A better choice would be one of the popular summer ales or a wine spritzer. Summer is all about having fun so let your hair down and have a beverage or two, just make it a conscious choice.

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