Do Detox Diets Work?


According to Evelyn Tribole, RD., coauthor of “Intuitive Eating”  some of these liquid or food restrictive diets are very low in protein, so even after a few days your body starts to break down muscle tissue to use as fuel. You may in fact end up with less lean muscle tissue then when you started the program, which would not be beneficial.  If you are considering one of these diets there still isn’t any clear cut evidence if we truly can detoxify with the foods we eat, or whether we even need to be concerned about it.  After all, our bodies come equipped with our own natural detoxification system, and can remove toxins and waste  by way of the liver, kidneys, intestines and the skin when we sweat. As long as we are eating a variety of whole preferably organic and non-GMO foods, limit saturated fat and processed foods from our diets and reduce our exposure to chemical additives we shouldn’t worry too much.

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