Fitness Apps That Truly Motivate


There are literally hundreds of health and fitness apps out there to motivate you, entertain you and to keep you on track. From MY FITNESS PAL to MAP MY RUN as well as newer apps that work with your gadgets like FITBIT, it’s hard to know which ones will really be worth investing in for the long haul. Well, below are just a few of our favorites, all tested and trainer approved.

1) CHARITY MILES: whether you run, walk, jog or bike Charity Miles will support a charity of your choice for every mile you log in your workout. You feel good and you do good- that’s just awesome.
2) SHOP WELL: Quickly decipher food labels with this app that will rate the item based upon your personal profile. Items are scored up to 100 points by scanning the barcode so you can make the best choices in the grocery aisle. Save time and energy with an app that makes shopping easier.
3) LOSE IT: This is my favorite nutrition app because of it’s many great features. Most widely recommended is the macro-nutrient percentage calculation that you can view throughout your day and adjust your menu as needed. Low on good fats, it will show you and you can add a spoonful of guacamole onto your turkey sandwich. It also allows you to add recipes, scan barcodes and input all of your activity from running to light housework. LOVE IT!
4) SPOTIFY: MY go-to for running because it can coordinate the music to your actual pace. With SPOTIFY you don’t need to chose your beats per minute because the app does it for you. You can also create custom play lists (without commercials with a paid subscription) so it’s like renting your favorite music each month. You will never get tired of the same old playlist again!
Hope this provides some interactive ways for you to keep your health and fitness fun. Have a favorite app of your own? Please let us know in the comments section and THANK YOU for sharing!

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