Kick your Butt into Shape! Why you should focus on your backside

 Kim Kardashian, J Lo  and Niki Minaj have all made headlines for their talents as well as for their famous curvy figures. Fortunately, the  trend now a days seems to focus more on overall health and fitness, not on being bone thin. More and more women are doing resistance training, and it’s not just to look good in their jeans.  It’s  because they realize the benefits of increased strength of muscles and joints, weight maintenance, and  increased functionality in everyday life. If we are being honest though ladies, we do have to admit that we all want a tight and lifted backside!

 Our Gluteus Maximus is the  body’s “engine”, if you will, since it  stabilizes the pelvis during running and walking and helps with hip extension and forward movement. New research has shown that the Glute Max is good at stabilizing the SI Joint (sacroiliac joint) which means that having strong glutes can prevent back pain. Also contributing to lower back pain and the so called pancake butt, is sitting long hours at our desk all day. The buttock muscles get lazy and don’t get much activity, which means that the hamstrings, hip and  back muscles can work overtime and become tight. You can see how other muscles compensating for a weaker muscle group can throw off your alignment. Achilles Tendonitis, shin splints, runner’s knee and IT Band Syndrome can also  possibly stem from weak gluteal muscles.
Following are some exercises you can try at home with a simple exercise band or tubing with handles. If you are starting out do the exercises without any external resistance and just use your bodyweight. Please see a physician if you are experiencing any joint or muscle pain before undertaking any exercise program. Feel free to share your favorite exercises in the comments section.


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