The One Tip For Eating Cleaner NOW


When I started eating cleaner six years ago I was shocked at how much simpler it was once I embraced one simple rule: cook from scratch as often as possible. Now as someone who really never expressed an interest in cooking of any kind, it took some great cookbooks and patience to find my niche. Slowly but surely I began having some real success with basic soups, salads and simple dinner dishes. I even have some recipes (like my tuna and quinoa tabouleh) that I’m kind of known for which is really nice.

And once I began cooking more for myself I saw how all the other important factors are easily incorporated when it comes to striving for optimal nutrition. First, I’m able to minimize the amount of processed (or packaged food) that I eat. Also, there is generally a lot less added sugar and salt in dishes when you make meals from scratch. So then all I had to do was pile on the veggies, watch the saturated fats and be selective about my ingredient sources to make eating clean seem pretty easy.

So don’t be afraid of your kitchen- use it! Start off cooking within your comfort zone and never be afraid to fail. The cleanest eating starts with food made from scratch- Bon Apetit!

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