Healthy Packable Lunch Options the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Now that the more relaxed days of summer are behind us its time to start thinking about making healthier food choices for ourselves as well as our families, and accomplishing that task isn’t always so easy.  We all can relate to the chaos in the morning.. waking groggy kids up, last minute homework done at the kitchen table, grab and go breakfasts, missing the bus…well, you get the idea. On top of all of that we as parents have to get it together too, and sometimes that can be very challenging. With all that multitasking going on we need to make sure our brain and muscles stay fueled throughout the day. If you make a habit of eating on the fly,at least make an attempt to pack yourself and your family a healthy lunch and afternoon snack.  With a little planning, toting lunch from home isn’t all that time consuming and is definitely a healthier and budget friendly choice than cafeteria and fast food chains.
One great option to try are these Hummus Spiral Wraps. They are super easy to assemble; just spread, top, slice and go!  They are a great alternative for meatless Monday or anytime. The kids will love that they are cute and fun to eat since they are cut in small spiral shapes. YOU will love that they are getting protein, veggies and healthy fats all rolled into one. Experiment with the filling ingredients and make it your own. We would love to see your creative variations by posting in the comments section of the blog. Pics are welcome!Easy Hummus Spiral Wraps
2-3 Tbsp Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (or any of your favorite)
handful of shredded carrots
handful of baby spinach or arugula
splash of lemon juice/extra virgin olive ol
cooked shelled edamame (soy beans) or chick peas
avocado slices (brush with lemon juice if desired to prevent browning)
multi grain Lavash bread or any whole wheat wrap 

spread the hummus on the Lavash bread leaving space around the edges. Top with remaining ingredients and roll up tightly. Slice into 1″ thick rounds. Secure with toothpicks and pack in a resealable container. Serve and enjoy! 

*recipe courtesy of

Not feeling the sandwich thing today? A great hearty soup recipe by features white beans for protein and broccoli for complex carbs. Use fresh organic broccoli and dried white beans for best flavor. If pressed for time the recipe works well using frozen broccoli and canned organic white beans.

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