Monday Motivation You Can Use Everyday


There are so many obstacles that try to impede on our daily commitment to be active and exercise. We all know the culprits: we’re busy, we’re tired, or we have other things we would rather be doing. Well although it’s not always easy to stay motivated to workout the benefit to our health is always worth it.  So we want to help you stay in the game and we’ve listed a few mantras below that will hopefully help you regain focus when life tries to mess with your fitness plan.

1)      HAVE A PLAN AND SEE IT THROUGH- Decide before you start your day when and where your workout is happening. Don’t put off the planning because too often you end up putting off the workout.

2)      REWARD THE WORKOUT, NOT THE RESULTS- So often we become focused on weight loss or changing our body shape that we forget that the absolute most important thing with our fitness commitment is that we are working towards a healthier life. The saying “nothing looks as good as fit feels” is so true. Keep your eyes on the prize and you won’t want to miss your workouts.

3)      AIM FOR EVEN JUST 20 MINUTES EVERYDAY- I call it the “Better Than Nothing” workout. Even 20 minutes will help you keep a good routine. Plus, most of us will push a little past and end up doing 25+ minutes of exercise. This is the mantra for when you’re tired or super short on time- USE IT!

4)      YOU’RE ONE WORKOUT AWAY FROM A BETTER DAY- Some days life kicks our fanny, and those are the days we need our workouts the most. Endorphins released during exercise have been proven to improve mood. That’s exactly what our bodies need when we’re having a tough time. Maybe add some meditation to the end of your workout session to end the day with a revived body and clearer mind.

Do you have a mantra that helps you maintain your fitness commitment? Please share them in our comments section. Thanks and keep up the hard work!

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