Hearty Salads for Cool Weather


Even though we are heading into the holiday season and the temperature is dropping, we still need to eat our green leafys. But how can we winterize our salad and stay on a healthy track during these hibernation months? Start by adding lentils and legumes atop your greens for a heartier base. Chickpeas, black beans and red lentils can be slightly warmed to appease your bodies natural desire for warm foods. Quinoa is another great option, especially for adding texture. Begin there and then add your favorite raw root vegetables (like carrots or parsnips) to up the antioxidants and stay with the vegetable of the season.
You can also try roasted vegetable salads with the addition of greens to switch things up. I love a sweet potato salad with blanched green beans, arugula and a lemon and chive dressing. Or maybe you prefer staying with raw veggies and doing a brussel sprout salad that can be shredded and mixed with baby kale. Finish it with pumpkin seeds and a cranberry vinaigrette for a delicious and different salad option.
Your possibilities are only limited by your imagination. So please share some of your favorite hearty salad recipes or pics below or on our BODY WISE CLEAN EATING RECIPE PAGE on Facebook. Thanks!!

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