Post Thanksgiving Strategies to get Back on Track

Feeling like you are in a food coma like the pup above? Before you start looking for your favorite elastic waist pants to wear today,  push yourself away from the table!  The tiredness and heavy feeling is due to eating way too many calories and carb heavy foods and not from the turkey. Some people believe it’s the tryptophan (an amino acid which can assist with sleep) in turkey that’s responsible for that drowsy feeling after a hefty meal. The truth is there is no more  tryptophan in turkey then there is in other meats.
The average Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings can add up to a whopping 1500-2500 calories IF YOU DECIDE to overindulge. For most of us that is our entire day’s allotment of calories and most likely way over the daily recommended allowances of carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. Don’t forget to add in the calories of sugary  alcoholic cocktails an carb laden beer. Calories do count when it comes to beverages so limit yourself to one or maybe 2 small glasses of wine or one mixed drink.Before you decide to throw in the towel follow these 5 tips to get you back on track. Don’t let one day of indulging derail your efforts to eat healthy and get in some activity.
1. Get up and move! You still may be feeling like a overstuffed couch today but moving is the best way to
rid yourself of a few stored calories and make you feel more energetic.  If you have decided to forgo the
gym in favor of shopping for Black Friday deals make the most of it. Walk at a brisk pace between stores
or up and down the aisles as you hunt for bargains. Park your car further away so you get in a little
extra exercise.  Avoid the mall food court and pack yourself healthy snacks such as almonds and fresh
fruit to nosh on in between.
2.  Take your favorite 4 legged friend for a walk or run. Getting fresh air and exercise can do wonders for
your mood and makes you feel good. Most likely your pet was nearby at Thanksgiving to catch a table
scrap or two so could use the added activity.
3.  Portion your leftovers into small single serve containers for another meal. You are less likely to over-
indulge if you have a serving size in front of you versus an entire turkey leg or tub of mashed potatoes.
Give away the things that tempt you the most. For me it’s ANYTHING  chocolate so I know enough to
send my kids back home with the chocolate cream pie!
4.  Get in your Greens! Many Thanksgiving meals consist of starchy carbs such as sweet potato casserole,
mashed potatoes and grandma’s stuffing. If you were lucky enough to have a green salad at your
Thanksgiving table,  hopefully it included some kale and spinach mixed in, and wasn’t covered in fat
laden dressing.  If not, then make sure to get your greens in by way of a healthy breakfast smoothie with
baby kale or spinach blended in with your favorite plant based protein powder and fresh fruit. Try getting
in another green vegetable, such as broccoli  with your evening meal.  Instead of a starch also have a
salad made with organic greens and include some color such as yellow peppers and cherry tomatoes.
5. By all means don’t feel guilty!! The holidays are for enjoying families and the traditions we have grown up
with and that includes the foods that we love. Give yourself permission to try a small taste so you don’t
feel deprived. You won’t be tempted to polish off that Apple Pie at midnight and then beat yourself up
over it. No one is judging you, so relax a little and allow your self to have fun. It shouldn’t be that hard
to start back up knowing that you haven’t lost sight of your healthy goals.

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