Guard yourself against Cold and Flu with Natural Remedies


Tis the season to be jolly, but that may be not be easy to do when you feel a cold or the flu coming on. We all can attest to being stressed during the holidays and it can take it’s toll on us emotionally and physically.
It is really easy to become overwhelmed with all that we have to do so it’s important to take a step back and prioritize your list.  First off is to take care of yourself…and that means not trying to be perfect and do it all.  Prevention against colds and flu starts with getting enough rest every night, eating whole nutritious foods and fitting in regular exercise. You have better immunity against infection if you practice healthy habits. Simple things such as washing your hands before eating, after using public areas or after wiping little one’s noses, will go a long way toward staying healthy. Keep the rest of your family healthy by not sharing beverages, food or cell phones and regularly wipe down door knobs and other surfaces.
If you do find yourself feeling under the weather, give some of these natural herbal remedies a try. If you are currently being treated for a medical condition always check with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet.ECHINACHEA– a natural herbal supplement shown to work if taken during the first signs of a cold. If you can stomach the taste Echinacea also comes in a liquid form. Take as directed on the label.
ELDERBERRY-studies have shown that people taking an elderberry extract had shortened the duration of the flu to just a few days, compared to one week of test subjects taking a placebo.
VITAMIN D– during the cold winter months we produce less vitamin D since we get less natural sunlight. Adding this supplement to your diet can boost your immune system and help you ward off cold and flu germs. Follow label directions for proper dosage.
ZINC LOZENGES-if you take zinc (either lozenge or liquid form) at 2 to 4 hr intervals you may start to see your cold symptoms subside quicker. It’s best to start taking zinc at the first signs of a cold, and continue until your symptoms subside. Make sure to follow directions and not take more that the label directs to avoid stomach upset.

Getting adequate fluids will help thin the secretions caused by a cold and will make a cough more productive.  Drink plenty of water as well as any type of hot tea ( I like ginger and lemon tea) with a little honey to soothe a scratchy throat.  If all else fails I usually go for a nice steamy bowl of chicken and rice soup. It does seem to make me feel better so even if it’s “all in my head” I’m OK with that!

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