Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season


We all love the holiday season but most of us could do without the holiday stress. Gifts to buy, events to attend, decorating and baking, all on top of our already hectic schedule. So just how can we stay stress free during the holidays?
#1 TAKE A BREAK. When you start to get stressed out, give yourself 5 minutes to collect your thoughts and energy. You could enjoy a cup of tea or head outside for a breath of fresh air. Whatever helps you relax- GO DO THAT! Then come back with a clear mind and sense of purpose.
#2  STAY ACTIVE. During the holidays the days get shorter so an already tight schedule is even tighter which can lead to anxiety and sadness. Try to commit to AT LEAST 20 minutes of movement everyday to keep your head and hormones happy and healthy.
#3 FIND BALANCE. None of us can be everything to everyone no matter how much we try. It’s okay to turn down a party invitation or to skip the Christmas cookies this year if you just don’t have time. Without setting some limitations you can truly find yourself over extended during the holiday season.
#4 BE POSITIVE. The holidays can be challenging, so if that’s the case for you this year just try to focus on any good feelings that the season stirs in you. Maybe donate to a charity you love, catch up with an old friend or do something nice for yourself and brighten your spirits. (Splurge on that green tea latte- you deserve it!)
Regardless of the stresses, you always need to mentally and physically take care of yourself. Use these tips and any other helpful tools to enjoy the holidays and have a wonderful New Year !

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