5 Personal Trainer Pet Peeves


Trainers are generally pretty positive people but we’re only human and we have pet peeves just like everyone else. So I’m going to let you in on a few of mine and I’m fairly confident other trainers would concur that I’m not alone in my top picks.

1) Taking the winter off from working out.  We’re not bears and so there really is no need to hibernate in the winter. Yes the days are shorter and certainly colder but that’s no reason to skip the entire season. Ditch that excuse and get in those winter workouts!
2)  Doing the same workout for months on end.  Your body needs to be challenged and that’s why it’s important to mix things up. Specific training programs are great if you really want to track your exact strength and endurance results but more than 8 weeks is too much.
3)  Constant body comparing.  Be the best you, it’s that simple. Wishing we looked like someone else is just a distraction from our goals and personal achievements.
4)  People not sweating during their workout. This goes along with wearing full make-up and having your hair done up. Respect the process and just go to the gym looking terrible like the rest of us.
5)  Lifting heavy with bad form.  Bad form is bad enough but if you can’t complete the rep properly because you’re choosing a weight that’s too heavy that’s even worse. Don’t continue to compromise the workout for what you perceive as  progress.  If you want to increase the weight then lower your number of reps in order to execute proper form.

Alright friends, so now you know. Get on your trainers good side and skip those bad habits, we’ll be so happy you did!

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