Two Great Compound Exercises to Include in your Workouts

When it comes to training, we sometimes think we have to get fancy and forget about the basics, which are the building blocks all other exercises are based upon. The truth is that an exercise that recruits more than one muscle group at a time gives you more bang for your buck. Compound exercises, such as a squat also involve multi-joint movement which allows you to hit a larger
amount of muscle mass. In addition, many are performed in a standing position which requires you to maintain proper form and balance by utilizing your core and other assisting muscles.
A squat involves the gluteal muscles,  quads, hamstrings, hip flexors and extensors, core and calves, which makes it a great all in one lower body exercise. It also enhances hip mobility and challenges the lower back and stabilizer muscles of the hips and pelvis.
Squats are often done incorrectly due to poor body awareness so its important to consult a trainer for proper form. Maintain a straight back, a lifted chest and contracted abdominals throughout the lowering and standing portions of the exercise.


If you are looking for a full body exercise that is also functional (which means that is represents movement done in daily life) the farmer carry is for you!
This exercise performed with dumbbells, kettle-bells, or sand-bells, address grip strength and muscles in the shoulders, back, core, arms and legs.
What ever piece of equipment you choose just make sure it is heavy enough in order to challenge the muscles.  Hold the weight in each hand with arms by your sides and walk in a forward direction taking quick small steps across a large space. Turn around then repeat the exercise, walking in the opposite direction.  Continue walking back and forth, rest for 20-30 seconds  then repeat  fo  one or two more sets.

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