Benefits of Spending Time at the BARRE


Barre sessions are one of the most popular at our studio and we’re not surprised. The workout, named after the “barre” dancers use is ballet inspired and incorporates elements of Pilates and strength training for one power packed, total-body exercise session. Some benefits include increased muscle endurance and flexibility, gained core strength and weight loss from working those larger muscles of the legs and fanny. It’s also really, really fun because Barre can be choreographed to an array of different music so it feels more like a dance class. Plus, with so many different elements of choreography it never has to be the same workout twice. And rest easy want-to-be ballerinas; you don’t have to consider yourself “swan-like” to enjoy Barre classes or it’s benefits. Just show up to session, hike up your legwarmers and let the music inspire you through an awesome workout.

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