Control Stress for Better Health and Weight Management


There is no life that is completely free of stress, however, some of us have more and some of us have less. Regardless of the level of stress you’re experiencing at any given time, it’s always important to manage it in order to avoid serious physical and psychological effects. Weight gain (or difficulty managing our weight), headaches and insomnia are only a few of the many side effects of unmanaged stress. Fortunately, there are several ways to minimize stress and keep our bodies and minds on a happy, healthy track.
Finding moments of mindfulness is important. Just 2-5 minutes of mindful meditation a day can help lower our stress levels and bring clarity to our minds and serenity into our lives. If you’ve never meditated before start slow, focusing on your breathing or visualizing a place in the world where you experience happiness. You may also find longer guided meditations are a wonderful way for your mind to relax and for stress to diminish.
If you have a specific relationship or situation causing you exrtreme stress, often ‘”letting go” of those painful feelings and committing to move forward can be the catalyst you need to release the negative feelings associated with that situation. You may want to talk to a friend or just talk it out for yourself, whatever allows you to go past the problem and heal will be helpful to relieve stress.
Exercise and eating right are also very important. The stress hormones in our bodies function in our favor when we work out and eat a diet full of clean, healthy foods. Go for a brisk walk, swim in the ocean or do some yoga and then refuel with a meal of nutritious vegetables, fruits, lean protein and good fats. We cannot get out what we do not put in when it comes to our bodies and stress is no exception.
Finally, let us not forget sleep and laughter. Your body needs time to renew with sufficient nightly rest and of course, filling your life with joy and laughter is vital in balancing the stress we all must endure. Life is for living, and with the good comes the bad. Still, how we manage it all is directly related to our overall health and wellness.

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