How To Stop Falling Off The Fitness Wagon For Good

So many people have trouble sticking to their healthy habits including keeping a regular exercise schedule. Here’s a couple of tips to keep you on the right track and in the game for the long haul.

1) KEEP A REGULAR EXERCISE SCHEDULE. People who workout out the same days of the weeks or same time of day tend to find it easier to  commit to their fitness regiment.
2) HIRE A TRAINER OR RECRUIT A BUDDY.  Having someone that you are obligated to meet with will certainly keep you accountable and it’s fun to have someone by your side as you work towards your goals.
3) REWARD YOURSELF WITH NEW GEAR OR HEALTHY GIFTS. Before a  goal is almost attained or if feeling unmotivated treat yourself to new sneakers or workout gear, You will want to get out and use them!

Motivation and accountability lead to healhty fitness habits for a lifetime!

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