Breaking It Down – The Cable Rear Fly

It’s time to bust out the tank tops and that means it’s also time to start sculpting strong, sleek shoulders. Unfortunately, the back of the shoulder, the rear deltoid, is often ignored in many common  exercises that target the shoulders. So today we’re going to break down the rear cable fly which will strengthen and tone the rear deltoids, giving your back amazing definition.
Like all cable-based moves, the key attribute is continual tension on the muscles being worked. Unlike dumbbells, barbells and some machines, on which the tension eases at certain points of the range of motion because of gravity and inertia — with cables, the resistance is always counter-pulling, in this case meaning your rear delts never get a break as you rep.
The key to the rear cable fly is to keep the arms straight throughout the exercise without locking the elbows. It’s also important to pull the arms straight out to the side from the height of your shoulders and to control your core so that you stay upright during each set.
Proper form is the most important factor when beginning any exercise and now you’ve got the Rear Cable Fly all broken down. Now go lift my friends!

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