Exercises That Burn More Calories than Running

Do you hate hitting the pavement? Well you may be one of the many who like the benefits of a running or jogging program but just can’t seem to get into a regular 3 or 4 day a week routine.  Running is a great exercise that increases your aerobic endurance, lung capacity and strengthen’s the heart, glutes and legs. It burns approximately 10 calories a minute so some one of average build could burn about 300 calories for a 30 minute session, based on their effort and current fitness level.. It does, however mainly focus on the lower body muscles.so if you find the rest of your body needs more attention  try adding one  or two of the following exercises to your current exercise routine.

BURPEES-considered a full body exercise that targets the muscles in the chest, shoulders, arms, core,and legs. It really gets your heart pumping due to the fact you are lifting your entire body weight from a prone position to a standing position at a quick pace. If you are new to doing Burpees please work up to them as they are very challenging, which is the reason why you will burn approximately 14.3 calories a minute! Just 10 repetitions at a fast pace can rev your metabolism and work all your major muscle groups. You of course wouldn’t consider doing just Burpees for your exercise routine but add in a few here and there when you are weight training and resting between sets. Typically you will see this exercise in a bootcamp style or Tabata workout, which are known for their high-intensity and metabolism boosting benefits.


 KETTLEBELL SWING-this exercise is a great way to burn calories, increase lean body mass and challenge your aerobic output. Due to the design of the kettlebell the weight is propelled forward as you swing it upward and use the power from your hips  glutes and abs to build momentum. This type of movement taxes your major muscle groups and can burn a whopping 20.2 calories per minute….which is double the number of calories of running! A study performed by the University of Wisconsin found that participant’s worked at ninety three percent of their maximum heart rates for a twenty minute workout. Kettlebell training doesn’t require you to jump so is a great low impact option for most. Please consult a trainer for proper execution of the Kettle Bell swing.
JUMPING ROPE-Although similar in impact as jogging or running (it requires your feet to leave the ground to skip over the rope) moderate rope jumping can burn slightly more at 13 calories a minute. More muscle groups are recruited in jumping as you use your arms, shoulders and core to perform the move. As an added bonus your balance and coordination are challenged, After mastering the basics of rope jumping you can then add different drills to further your aerobic fitness, coordination and overall strength. The best part is that it doesn’t require a lot of space or equipment, and you can spend less time exercising for the same benefits as longer duration workouts!

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