Thinking of Hiring a Personal Trainer?

Here are some things you need to know.

Working with a personal trainer can absolutely help you in your quest for better health and fitness; they hold you accountable, motivate you and provide a comprehensive program for your goals. They also ensure that you execute exercises with proper form and work the appropriate muscles during each repetition. Therefore, choosing the right personal trainer is extremely important and you should consider the following when making your selection:

1) Does the Trainers training style suit you and what motivates you?  Some clients need a forceful, disciplinary type push in order to finish those last reps (think BootCamp Sergeant) while others want a more “Cheerleader” type encouragement (“You can do It!”).   In order to ensure that you enjoy your sessions you should seek out a trainer that provides the type of motivation that will keep you coming back.
2) Does the Trainer have experience in training for your specific goals and what are their credentials? Trainers can have several different specialties such as working with a specialty age group, training for body building shows or helping with weight loss but NO trainer specializes in it all.  A seasoned and qualified Trainer is comfortable telling a potential client if something is within their scope of knowledge or not AND they will provide credentials and references if necessary.
3) What can you expect from the Trainer and your sessions? After an initial consultation the Trainer should outline their plan and how it will be executed.  For example, the Trainer may communicate that they will focus on strength and interval cardio exercises during your sessions but will then ask you to walk or jog a couple of days a week when you aren’t training. You could be expected to keep a food journal and submit it if that’s part of your training package. Regardless, there should be a clear, well-laid plan that acquiesces with the goals you have outlined.

Finding the right Trainer is just as important as your commitment to your sessions and training homework. The success is always in the details so you should never be afraid to request them.


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