Coaching for Optimal Training Sessions


woman with red top and black shorts on purple yoga mat
Coaching is often an overlooked element of a Personal Training session but it’s absolutely an important part of the Personal Training experience. A Trainers encouragement and motivation allows the client to know that they are supported in their sessions as they work to reach their goals.  Coaching can simply be asking a client to push a little harder or to give you that “one last rep;” but it’s also about being aware of a client’s mental approach to their workouts. Some clients come in ready to work while others need their Trainer to bring them into a workout state-of-mind. The key to being a successful coach is ensuring that a client always leaves feeling better than when they came in and that they look forward to passing through the studio door for every session. Coaching may not be the most valued characteristic of  a good Personal Trainer but it’s critical to long term success for Trainers and clients.

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